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  • Are payment plans available?

Our customers can apply for various low cost finance options through a leading company called Funeral Safe

  • How much does the lettering cost and are the letters cut into the stone?

The first 100 letters are included in the cost of the memorial, additional letters are £2.50 each in 23.5ct gold leaf or £2.00 each in any coloured enamel paint.


All of our lettering and artwork is cut into the stone before being coloured. 


  • How long does the process take?

From deposit payment to installation takes on average 12-16 weeks, this is due to the time taken to receive permission from the relevant authority before we can make the memorial.


  • Are there any extra costs?

Our quotation includes VAT, delivery and installation, in most cases there is a fee charged by the local authority or church for permission to have a memorial placed on a grave. Unfortunately we are not able to include these fees in with the cost of the memorial as the amount varies regionally. 


  • How does the process work?


The first step is to choose a memorial and wording for the inscription, when we have this information and the details of the cemetery/church we can then provide you with a full written quotation and a plan to show how the finished memorial would look.


When you are ready to confirm the order we would require a deposit payment to secure the order, payment can be made by bank transfer, card payment or by cheque.

On receipt of this payment we complete the memorial application form required to gain permission to carry out the work. The memorial application form must be signed by the owner of the grave as registered by the local authority - in most cases this is the person who signed paperwork for the burial or purchase of the grave. You will receive this form by post with the receipt for your payment, there will be a pre-paid envelope included for you to send the form back for processing.


When approved we receive a permit from the authority to allow us to make and install the memorial. We will contact you in regard to the planned installation date and final payment once the memorial is ready.




Frequently Asked Questions

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